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“As intense as you can get.”



Warner Bros.


My Network

Currently Cast in The Untitled Bill Folman Project

WB film: Colors of the Cross: Resurrection.

See Martinez Audition for Sam Raimi’s new Pilot Starz Network Spartacus: YOU TUBE

“Martinez is one of those rare performers that actors line up to work with. On stage, he’s volatile and unpredictable, without being self-indulgent. He clearly loves to act and he brings an effortless sense of play to his performance which makes him a joy to watch, but most importantly, allows audiences to get immersed in the circumstances of the story. Given the opportunity, I see Martinez growing into our next Sean Penn”

–Randy Becker Randy Becker Studios

“An iconic actor who’s time has come.”

“Transforming himself into characters

beyond himself.”

“Martinez is a fabulous actor, committed, prepared & professional,  & an all-round great guy!”

Nian Aster
Hungry Yak Productions

“An intensity that is gripping and

compelling to watch, your hooked.”

“Martinez is a formidable opponent, a directors dream.”

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